Halima Retreats

Bismillahirahmanirahim - In the name of God, the most Compassionate and Merciful

Welcome to Halima Retreats

Founded in 2015, we have been organising retreats for the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of ladies.

Healing Retreat

Alhumdulillah, we are excited to announce the ladies Healing Retreat July 2021!!

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Retreat into the Heart

Online meditation course with therapeautic art techniques with Yasmin and Hana.

Releasing trapped emotions and blockages to increase inner stillness and peace.

Including present moment meditation, art therapy techniques and remembrance of Allah.

Starting 10th March - Wednesdays 8-9pm for five weeks. New course dates after Ramadan tbc.

Cost: Please donate what you can to the Halima Retreats Bursary fund or to your favorite charity. You will also need to purchase a few art materials.

Ladies only.


Zoom Iftar

Living on your own, especially during lockdown, can be really challenging for many. If you live on your own, or the only one fasting in your family, please join myself and other sisters for an informal and fun iftar gathering! Please find out more to be added.

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