Halima Retreats

Bismillahirahmanirahim - In the name of God, the most Compassionate and Merciful

Welcome to Halima Retreats

Founded in 2015, we have been organising retreats for the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of ladies.

Due to Covid-19, our retreats have been put on hold for the moment. Will update as we know more inshaAllah, meanwhile come and join us for an on-line weekly meditation retreat!

May Allah protect you and keep you safe and healthy. Ameen

Retreat into the Heart

Online meditation course with therapeautic art techniques with Yasmin.

Releasing trapped emotions and blockages to increase inner stillness and peace.

Including 10 minutes of present moment meditation

30 minutes of art therapy techniques.10 minutes reflection and 10 minutes of remembrance of Allah.

Starting 28th October - Wednesdays 7-8pm for six weeks.

On Zoom. (There will be times where cameras can be off while we work.)

Cost: Please donate at least a few pounds or dollars/class to your favorite charity. You will also need to purchase a few art materials.

Ladies only.


Come and join an online beginners belly dancing course with amazing teacher Cherie Marshall. A opportunity to stay fit and healthy with other sisters in a fun way!

Its very reasonable - only £50 for the 10 week course. Limited spaces though so sign up early.

Look forward to seeing you there.

This course has now ended.