Ladies Andalucian Retreat

14th-21st July 2019

Orgiva, Spain

This is a dedicated spiritual retreat for those wishing to reconnect with themselves and their spirituality, finding inspiration from the Masters of Sufi Wisdom including Rumi, Ibn Arabi, Rabia Aadawiya and others.

Initially focusing on self-love and compassion, then to deep forgiveness, of ourselves and of others and humanity then how to direct ourselves towards love of Allah and Prophet (pbuh)

There will be plenty of time for peaceful contemplation, relaxation and meditation on the mountain surrounded by nature and Allah's Rahma inshaAllah.

Including a visit to the astounding Alhambra Palace in Granada.

From £330 per person (not including flights). Concessions available.

This retreat is now full

What's included?

Transport in Spain - We travel together from Malaga airport in two cars and travel together for the duration of the retreat.

Accommodation - located in the foothills of the Alpujarran mountains, we will be staying at a lovely country house with large swimming pool. The ladies are in shared rooms (most twin occupancy) with shared bathroom facilities or a glamping bell tent.

Meals - Delicious local and Moroccan inspired dishes. All Halal and organic whenever possible.

Readings from the great Sufi Masters - to draw wisdom and light from their blessed words and food for contemplation.

Tour of the Alhambra Palace - Experience one of the wonders of the world and an essential componant to the 800 year Islamic history of Spain.

Meditation and Tai Chi - for inner peace and stillness.

Creative activities - with artist Hana Horack making felt and taking inspiration from nature

Group zhikrs & Maulid - celebrating rememberance of Allah and his beloved Rasullallah (uhbp)

Amazing holistic therapies and treatments from fully qualified therapists including Mizan therapy, Crystal healing bowls, refexology are also available. (These treatments are extra and not included in the price.)

To enquire, please send an email to:

Setting & accomodation

In the heart of the foothills of the Alpujarra mountains, we are stying in a traditional Moorish style country house with a 50ft pool.

Sisters stay in shared accomodation (private room available on request) with shared bathroom facilities.

Activity programme

Activities include:

  • Creative workshops
  • Readings from the Sufi Masters
  • Juma prayer at the Naqshbandi durga
  • Guided tour of the Alhambra Palace,
  • Optional tour of the Alpujarran mountains,
  • A talk about the history of Islamic Spain by historian Tahira Whiteman

Relaxation & Therapies

We have a wonderful range of therapies to choose from and many relaxation opportunities.

  • Mizan and full body intuitive masages by Saffia using aromatherapy.
  • Healing sessions with Raheema Chandler using Tibetan crystal bowls.
  • Reflexology with Fatima
  • Tai Chi - This is a wonderful way to energise your body and energy system with peaceful movements
  • Meditation - an opportunity to clear and quieten the mind. Opening the heart to our Divine potential and prepare the mind to learn new things.


For 6 nights including accomodation, meals, tour of Alhambra Palace and transport in Spain. (Does not include flights or treatments or optional day excursion to the mountain villages.)

Private room £510

Shared room £330

Bell tent £310

To enquire, please send an email to: